PeriopSim Selected for ‘100 Nurses’ Research Study into Surgical Simulation Education and Training for Nurses

PeriopSim Selected for ‘100 Nurses’ Research Study into Surgical Simulation Education and Training for Nurses

Conquer Mobile, Simulation Training Specialist, Announces that PeriopSim Has Been Selected as the Simulation Technology for the ‘100 Nurses’  Research Study into the Effectiveness of Simulation Training for Perioperative Nurses. The Study is Being Led by Dr. David Clarke, Head of Neurosurgery at Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority and is Taking Place at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Surrey, BC (PRWEB) – December 4, 2015 – Conquer Mobile, medical simulation training specialist, announces that PeriopSim has been selected as the simulation tool for the ‘100 Nurses’ research study taking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The aim of the research study is to measure the effectiveness of simulation training to increase perioperative nurses’ ability and confidence in identifying surgical instruments. It will also identify the aspects of simulation that nurses find most useful for learning and will assess the time saved in simulated surgery when nurses are able to anticipate the correct instrument for the surgeon.

There is increasing pressure for perioperative nurses to be competent in a wide variety of surgical specialties. Currently, nurses learn surgical skills in on-the-job training, scrubbing in for surgeries under the guidance of an experienced perioperative nurse. Clinical training is limited and yet the demands placed on nurses and the complexity of surgeries are escalating. Simulation addresses the problem of limited clinical placements by providing a safe way to practice clinical skills in a wide variety of clinical situations.

Although simulation is being increasingly adopted for both undergraduate and post- graduate nursing education, there is limited research to show how simulation should be used in nursing education and exactly how it may enhance performance, clinical understanding or critical thinking.

The study is being led by Dr. David Clarke, Head of Neurosurgery at Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority. It will be based at the Neurosurgical Simulation Training Laboratory of the QEII Health Sciences Centre; testing will involve operating room nurses at the Halifax Infirmary and the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax. The study has been funded by a grant from the Brain Repair Centre at Dalhousie University.

The research is part of a national drive to develop expertise in surgical simulation and builds upon previous work in 2009, when the world’s first Virtual Reality brain surgery was performed in Halifax by Dr. David Clarke and Dr. Ryan D’Arcy using NeurotouchTM, a neurosurgery simulator developed by the National Research Council of Canada.

“Perioperative Nurses are critical members of the surgical team in ensuring that instruments are ready and available efficiently at every stage of a surgical procedure” stated Dr. Clarke. “Simulation training offers the opportunity to provide surgical nurse training cost-effectively and efficiently outside of the operating room. This focused study will measure the effectiveness of simulation instrument training as an educational tool.”

“We are excited to be part of this landmark study” remarked Angela Robert, CEO of Conquer Mobile.  “Surgical nurses have to learn a daunting array of instruments and complex procedures across many specialties” she explained. “If staff can learn and prepare safely outside of the OR, the surgical team becomes more efficient and can deliver the best patient results.”

PeriopSim has been developed in close collaboration with medical experts including surgeons, nurses and nurse educators to ensure accuracy and realistic learning outcomes. The product has recently been tested in academic research with neurosurgical residents learning how to perform Burr Hole brain surgery at the annual Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp.

About Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile is a specialist in mobile solutions with a focus on medical simulation training. PeriopSim is a simulation training tool for the iPad that helps clinicians to prepare for procedures safely, outside of clinical time. The company has a strong medical advisory group drawing together surgeons, neuroscientists, nurse educators and nurses. The company is based in the Health Tech Innovation Hub, part of Innovation Boulevard in Surrey, Canada.

About PeriopSim

PeriopSim is an iPad app for clinicians who need to learn surgical instruments and procedures. PeriopSim enables surgical staff to practice safely before surgery. PeriopSim is available as a free preview version on the App Store. It is designed to be purchased by educators as an institutional purchase.

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