Nurse Spotlight : Jenna MacLellan

Nurse Spotlight : Jenna MacLellan

Today we are highlighting Jenna MacLellan.  I have known Jenna since before she became a nurse.  She did her training within Vancouver Coastal Health’s program prior to our early pilot with Kit Mitchell and her team.

Q: Why do you love being a perioperative nurse?

A: I enjoy interacting with patients, they are generally feeling very vulnerable, whether it is their first time in the OR or this is just a small part of their journey. Connecting with patients and earning their trust in moments and reassuring them is very rewarding. Whether it’s a hand to hold while getting an IV or a warm embrace while a client gets a spinal anesthetic, we’re there for you. I love the team atmosphere of the OR, each member of the team is happy to help each other. Great patient care is everyone’s main priority and I am very passionate when advocating for patients. Every day is different, which keeps things interesting.

Q: How did you make the choice to become a perioperative nurse?
A: At first it was the appeal of the unknown, we get very little OR exposure in nursing programs. The hours were also appealing, a lot less night shifts are involved compared to other specialties.


Q: Where do you see the profession in 5 years?
A: I hope to see it expand in scope and see a lot more RN First Assists in Canada.


Q: What would you tell someone who is trying to decide to become a perioperative nurse?
A: Do it! Then: Hang in there! It is a very stressful environment when everything is new and you’re trying to learn within time constraints, but learn all you can and do your best, you’ll get better and better every day. It’s a very rewarding practice area. You won’t regret it!


Q: If you could change one thing that would make being a perioperative nurse better, what would it be?
A: Better access to the latest technology. Companies that blend technology and education in an accessible and user-friendly application like PeriopSim are much needed in all practice areas in the ever-changing health care industry. (I didn’t pay her to say that, but she may get some more friend points.)

Jenna currently works @ Mount Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC.  She’s  been working as a perioperative nurse for the last 3 years.  Jenna was one of our early market research feedback guinea pigs while we were sitting next to each other during our women’s hockey games back in 2013/2014.  Her feedback was instrumental in determining the value to a nurse making the decision to become an OR nurse and doing the training on the job in the hospital setting.

Special thank you to Jenna for the time, feedback and support you’ve shared.  If anyone has a nurse they’d like to highlight please send us an email  We will be doing this all year long!