Ensure your team is well prepared

The concept for PeriopSim came through discussion with surgeons who wanted to improve the efficiency of their surgical teams by training the team more effectively outside of the operating room. We worked with them to create PeriopSim, focused on teaching instrumentation and procedures to perioperative nurses through simulation.

PeriopSim is designed for both novice and experienced team members. It can be used to accelerate orientation for novice team members, teaching basic instrumentation in a safe, cost-effective way. It can also be used more widely to ensure that nurses and surgical technologists are familiar with a broader range of procedures and can be allocated to any OR.

Train nurses and surgical technologists cost-effectively, outside of the OR

Safe training

Train team efficiently and safely, outside of the OR

Staff competency

Prepare staff for a broader range of procedures

Team efficiency

Ensure that the whole surgical team works efficiently

Surgeon specific

Customize to your individual preferences

Procedure adoption

Facilitate adoption of new procedures worldwide

Patient results

Ensure surgical teams deliver the best patient results

Want a Demonstration?

Interested in using PeriopSim at your hospital or medical facility?  Please contact us to see how PeriopSim can fit your needs.

Surgeon advisors

James Bond BN, MD, MEd, FRCS(C)

Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Surrey Memorial Hospital & Fraser Health

James is a thoracic surgeon and healthcare innovator with a track record of streamlining processes. At Surrey Memorial Hospital he has led a Rapid Autopilot Program (RAP) to speed up lung cancer wait times form an average of 190 days to 45 days. Dr Bond’s specific areas of expertise and interest include: MIS Thoracic surgery, MATRIX rib fixation (traumatic chest wall management) and the Congenital Chest Wall program (Pectus disease). Dr. Bond represents Fraser Health Authority on the Surgical Oncology Network .


Dr Bond has led the adoption of the MATRIX thoracic surgical procedure and created a comprehensive program of care at Surrey Memorial Hospital, the only one of its kind in Canada. The MATRIX program procedure is specialized surgery for severe rib fractures, involving customized titanium plates. The innovative surgery improves survival rates, reduces lengthy hospital stays and improves long term outcomes by mitigating chronic pain and breathlessness. Dr Bond currently trains other surgeons in North America on the procedure.


Surgeon, Head of Neurosurgery, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Health Authority

David is Head of Neurosurgery at Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Health Authority. David’s clinical research is focused on brain tumors and surgical education. David led the team that brought functional MRI (fMRI) to Halifax. David, in collaboration with Ryan D’Arcy and Denise Lalanne at the NRC worked on the development of the NeuroTouchTM neurosurgery simulator. David led the Halifax team that performed the world’s first surgical rehearsal in a virtual reality environment of brain tumor removal.

David is also a PhD-trained neuroscientist whose lab research is focused on the neuronal response to injury and looking for ways to encourage survival and regeneration of injured neurons. His research is relevant to patients with head trauma, spinal cord injury, stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

David is founder and Director of the annual Neurosurgery Rookie Camp that draws first year neurosurgical residents from across Canada. The Rookie camp is held at a state-of-the-art simulation training centre where residents spend two intensive days engaged in hands-on scenario-based training, learning from Canada’s top neurosurgeons.

Read about academic research studies that PeriopSim is part of

As a surgeon, I rely on my surgical team being well prepared for every surgery. PeriopSim means clinicians can practice safely before surgery, which means a more efficient surgical team and better patient outcomes.

James Bond MD
Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Surrey Memorial Hospital & Fraser Health

Perioperative Nurses are critical members of the surgical team in ensuring that instruments are ready and available efficiently at every stage of a surgical procedure. PeriopSim offers the opportunity to provide surgical nurse training cost-effectively and efficiently outside of the operating room.

Dr. David Clarke
Surgeon, Head of Neurosurgery, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Health Authority

Interested in contributing?

We are building an extensive library of instrumentation and procedure learning modules. If you are interested in contributing video of your own surgeries, please ask about our Surgeon contributor program. We would love to feature your work.