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The PeriopSim learning system is based on instrumentation modules and surgical procedure modules. Instrumentation modules are interactive modules that learners use to self-teach recognition of each instrument by image, text and sound using audio prompts. Scoring is based on accuracy of recall and speed of response.

Surgery modules teach the sequence of a procedure and responsiveness to prompts. Each shows a surgical procedure with video and narration. Learners are prompted for each instrument at the appropriate stage. Scores are based not only on recognizing and passing the correct instrument, but also anticipating the surgeons needs.

Customized content

We can also do completely custom content to accommodate naming conventions at your hospital or to show procedures that are unique to your surgeons.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning. There’s lots more content on the way. Stay up to date with the latest experiences that go live here. You can also help us to prioritize by voting for the content you need most urgently.

Surgeon contributors

We are launching a new program for surgeons who wish to contribute video of surgical procedures. Please contact us to find out more.