PeriopSim is designed to bridge the gap between class and the OR. It helps you to learn procedures, anticipating the surgeon and instrumentation, before you go into the OR. Research shows that PeriopSim performs 6x faster and is more effective than traditional methods. A 1 hour procedure takes ~10 minutes in our simulation.

Using video of real surgeries and voice narration, you’ll be guided through procedures step by step and prompted for instruments. By practicing, you can reduce stress and quickly become a confident, effective member of the surgical team.  Competencies assessed include Anticipating the Surgeon, Steps of a Procedure and Instrument Recognition.

To try it out yourself, download PeriopSim from the iPad App Store and create a free account today!  Start with the tutorial and move on to some of the sample simulation experiences.

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Educator Portal

PeriopSim’s Educator Portal allows you to create, manage and track your cohorts of learners. You can assign simulation work and check that it’s been done.

Create friendly competitions, help a learner who is struggling and needs a bit more time. We’ve had some of our educators time setups and counting exercises before and after using PeriopSim. Validate your perception with real data and analytics for competency reports.

The Educator Portal allows you to review learner competency by experience module across all of our Learning Portals including iPad and Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The future is here today with PeriopSim VR. Your students can feel what it’s like to enter the OR before they do it in real life. Can be used solo or with PeriopSim for iPad and leverages all the Educator Portal functionality. A 1 hour long procedure takes ~10 minutes in our simulation

In a real life sized OR learners can practice and be assessed on steps of a procedure, anticipating the surgeon and Sterile Field, Sharps Safety, Sterile Technique, Passing Techniques and Instrumentation.

If you have one of our supported VR Systems click on the link below and download PeriopSim for VR.  Create a free account and start by trying out the tutorial and some sample modules.

In talking to over 1000 Nurses, Surgical Technologists, Educators, Directors, OR Managers and Surgeons we’ve learned that there are some challenges with training the surgical team with existing methods, time, the nursing shortage and available technologies. Below we highlight some of the key problems that we’ve heard.


Real world experience is sometimes in short supply.  Simulation can help bridge that gap.  New staff are forced to take evening and weekend shifts where they are inadequately trained in rare or infrequent procedures such as the Burr Hole Surgery which they may have no familiarity.


Educators are faced with providing a lower quality of patient safety than they believe is proper.  Real world experience is sometimes in short supply and educators work incredibly hard to find them the right experience at the right time.

Directors and OR Managers

Surgeons are concerned and dissatisfied with the team confidence and competence during key surgeries. Leaders work hard to balance financial realities, being understaffed and team performance

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(PeriopSim is sold as an institutional purchase to educators.)

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