For Directors

Demands are increasing on perioperative staff and training time is being compressed. Orientation, cross training and maintaining competency can be a real challenge and can also have a huge impact on patient safety. PeriopSim helps you to prepare staff before they enter the OR so that time with a preceptor is optimized and the team is more confident and competent for unfamiliar surgical procedures.

Directors are balancing new and changing financial requirements, patient safety, team performance while being understaffed or challenged with getting the most qualified people to the right procedure.  Educators work hard to ensure that team get the broadest and most comprehensive experience but sometimes the right experience is in short supply. PeriopSim was designed to save time and increase the experience availability for OR teams that are responsible for training every day.

Improve Surgeon Satisfaction

Novice team members say they are more confident walking into the OR for unfamiliar procedures

Based on evidence

PeriopSim is 6x faster and can save up to 50% of clinical training time

Attract millennials

Boost recruitment and retention of Gen Y nurses

Perioperative Nurses are critical members of the surgical team to provide safe, quality and error-free patient outcomes when instruments are ready and available efficiently at every stage of a surgical procedure.

Dr. David Clarke
Surgeon, Head of Neurosurgery, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Health Authority

Want a Demonstration?

Interested in using PeriopSim at your institution?  Please contact us to see how PeriopSim can fit your needs.

University Hospitals in Cleveland


Perioperative Nurses at University Hospitals have developed a voracious appetite to learn through simulation.  By using PeriopSim the hospital system has shaved time off orientation as learners use virtual reality tool to practice the use of instruments in a real-life setting.

AORN’s Periop 101 Pilot Results

For 18 months we ran a pilot with AORN’s Periop 101 Program where we included 2 Procedures customized for AORN, the Lap Chole and the Hernia Repair.  During this time period we had over 308 Learners use PeriopSim across almost all US states and beyond.  Additionally we had a contest and ask learners to fill out a Survey.  See the amazing results below.

Read about academic research studies that PeriopSim is part of

The old mantra of “See one, do one, teach one” is no longer applicable in surgical training. One of the biggest advantages of something like PeriopSim is the ability to stop and rewind. You can’t do that in real life.

James Bond MD

Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Surrey Memorial Hospital & Fraser Health

Find out what 500 nurses, surgical technologists and educators think

We asked over 500 perioperative nurses, surgical technologists and educators to try out PeriopSim and tell us how valuable it is for learning anticipation, steps of a procedure and instrumentation. 72% of Hospitals require RNs to scrub or plan to and 90% think PeriopSim would be valuable for improving competence.  See what else they said.