For Educators

Experience for learners can be in short supply. With increasing demands on educators and decreasing training budgets, orientation and getting to productivity for new staff can be a real challenge. PeriopSim helps you to prepare nurses and surgical technologists before they enter the OR so that preceptor time is minimized, staff is more confident and new team members become productive more quickly.

And there is quantitative reporting. Every learner is able to get the same quantitative feedback and reports can be quickly generated. PeriopSim can also be used to for experienced surgical team members to maintain competency in specialties they do infrequently like trauma. Educators will have experienced staff do the modules every three to six months while covering evening and weekend shifts.

Boost orientation

Make nurses and surgical technologists productive more quickly by practicing clinical skills before they enter the OR

Personalized learning

Allocate modules to each learner. Review individual progress with detailed analytics.

Facilitate OR staffing

Prepare experienced staff before they scrub into unfamiliar procedures

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PeriopSim is a game-changer for instructors as it allows for simulation repetition, independent personalized learning and the assessment data is so powerful for educators, not to mention it is fun to use.

Erin Carr

Clinical Instructor – Surgical Technology Program, West Virginia Northern Community College

It brings this kind of energy to our Periop Orientation that we didn't have before. There's excitement for us, but there's also excitement for the Students. They love using it.

Amy Boone

System Director for Perioperative Services, University Hospitals in Cleveland 

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Find out what 500 nurses, surgical technologists and educators think

We asked over 500 perioperative nurses, surgical technologists and educators to try out PeriopSim and tell us how valuable it is for learning instrumentation. 72% of Hospitals require RNs to scrub or plan to and 90% think PeriopSim would be valuable for improving competence.  See what else they said.

Read about academic research studies that PeriopSim is part of

Train new surgical staff more cost-effectively

Enable new nurses and surgical technologists to master instrumentation and surgical modules before they enter the OR. Reduce reliance on precious preceptor time, by allowing learners to practice safely in their own time.

Track expertise to support OR allocations

Get the best teams in place for each operating room. See which staff members have expertise in each procedure. Track learning by individual or group.

Track individual progress with analytics

Review progress with each individual. Map out areas for future learning.

Spot areas of confusion

Highlight where confusion or mistakes tend to happen with analytics by instrument.

Share iPads between teams

Reduce costs by sharing iPads between groups of users. Each user has a secure login and access to their personal learning modules.

Organize learning by groups

Decide which modules are most useful for each team or group of users. Organize groups by team, experience level, speciality or whatever fits your needs.

Customize for your Institution

Adapt naming and procedures to fit your needs. We can customize naming, instruments and surgical procedures specific to your institution.

What people are saying

The old mantra of “See one, do one, teach one” is no longer applicable in surgical training. One of the biggest advantages of something like PeriopSim is the ability to stop and rewind. You can’t do that in real life.

James Bond MD

Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Surrey Memorial Hospital & Fraser Health