For Learners

PeriopSim is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the OR. It helps you to learn instrumentation and procedures safely, independently and in a personalized environment, before you go into the OR.

Using video of real surgeries and voice narration, you’ll be guided through procedures step by step and prompted for instruments. By practicing, you can reduce stress and quickly become a confident, effective member of the surgical team.

Learn procedures

Voice narration and real surgical video help you to learn procedures step-by-step

Reduce stress

Practice before scrubbing into an unfamiliar surgery

Enjoy learning

We’ve designed PeriopSim to be a fun way to learn serious skills

Want a Demonstration?

Interested in using PeriopSim at your institution?  Please contact us to see how PeriopSim can fit your needs.

Read about academic research studies that PeriopSim is part of

Learn procedures step by step with narration

Real surgical video is combined with surgeon narration and voice prompts to give a realistic learning experience.

Pass the right instrument at the right time

Each time you select and pass the correct instrument you get feedback and earn points. If you get it wrong, you’ll be prompted to try again.

Hone your skills and start to anticipate

As you practice, you will become faster and begin to anticipate the surgeon’s needs. Points are awarded based on speed of response and anticipation.

See how you compare with your peers

Post your score up on the leaderboard for friendly competition (or keep it to yourself).

Enjoy taking your skills to the next level

Use PeriopSim to boost your breadth and proficiency. We have a library of surgeries, which is continually expanding. Please let us know the surgeries you need.