New Research Shows Value of Simulation Training for Surgical Residents with Conquer Mobile’s PeriopSim

New Research Shows Value of Simulation Training for Surgical Residents with Conquer Mobile’s PeriopSim

New research study shows that recognition of surgical instruments by neurosurgery residents improves significantly with repetitive training using Conquer Mobile’s PeriopSim training platform.

Surrey, BC (PRWEB) – September 15, 2016 – Conquer Mobile today announced the publication of the first research paper assessing the value of simulation training for instrument recognition among neurosurgery residents using the company’s PeriopSim simulation training platform. The paper was published in the international, peer-reviewed journal BMC Medical Education and was carried out by a team led by Dr. David Clarke, Head of Neurosurgery at Dalhousie University/Nova Scotia Health Authority and Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, BC Leadership Chair in Medical Technologies at Simon Fraser University and Head of Health Sciences and Innovation at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Significance to Surgeon Training

With restrictions in residents’ working hours, increased surgical complexity and limited budgets, it is increasingly challenging to ensure that surgical residents acquire the requisite competencies of clinical knowledge, diagnostics and surgical skills. Surgery training programs are  looking to simulation to supplement traditional training and enable a risk-free setting for experiential learning.

About the Study

The objective of the study was to assess whether PeriopSim instrument training and burr hole surgery training led to improvements in instrument knowledge and recognition. The study took place during the Canadian Neurosurgery Rookie Camp in Halifax, Nova Scotia and involved first year neurosurgery residents drawn from residency programs across Canada. Performance was compared between groups learning through the surgical module alone and in combination with the instrumentation module. Faculty members also performed instrument  and surgery training to provide an expert-level performance baseline. Performance was measured through PeriopSim based on time to select an instrument, number of incorrectly selected instruments and total score (a gamification-based formula based on correct responses and time that rewards anticipation of instruments).

The study results showed that recognition for burr hole surgery instruments can be improved by repetitive simulation training using the PeriopSim platform. Performance metrics showed progressive improvement over time indicating that the learning curve for instrument recognition can be shortened with this approach. The study concluded that PeriopSim simulation training can effectively improve performance of surgical instrument recognition.

“We need innovative ways to help new residents acquire the core competencies,” explained David Clarke. “PeriopSim simulation training offers the opportunity to provide resident and surgical nurse training cost-effectively and efficiently outside of the operating room.”

“Simulation has the power to transform the way that we train surgical staff,” remarked Ryan D’Arcy. “By supplementing traditional training methods with simulation we can speed up the learning curve for surgical staff”.

“We are excited to see concrete evidence of the power of PeriopSim simulation training for all surgical staff,” commented Angela Robert, CEO of Conquer Mobile.

About the Research Paper

The study entitled “Simulation-based training for burr hole surgery instrument recognition” was published on May 27, 2016 in BMC Medical Education journal. The research was led by David Clarke and Ryan D’Arcy in association with Nelofar Kureshi, Murray Hong and Maryam Sadeghi. Read the full research paper on BioMed Central

About PeriopSim

PeriopSim is an iPad and VR based simulation learning platform for surgical staff who need to learn surgical instruments and procedures. PeriopSim enables staff to practice safely before surgery. Students are guided through procedures step by step, in a realistic environment with surgical video, voice prompts and continuous feedback. PeriopSim has been developed in close collaboration with medical experts including surgeons, nurses and nurse educators to ensure accuracy and realistic learning outcomes. PeriopSim is available as a free preview version on the App Store. 

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About Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile is a specialist in education technology, with a focus on medical simulation training. The company has a strong medical advisory group drawing together surgeons, neuroscientists, nurse educators and nurses. The company is based in the Health Tech Innovation Hub, part of Innovation Boulevard in Surrey, Canada.


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